Scope Of Business


   Specialized knowledge and experience of Sejong's staffs have led us to the successful operation in the following areas :

LED Light

: LED Street Light, LED Security, LED Park Light, LED Factory Light, LED Solar Light.


: Apartment-Style Factory, Shopping District, Office Building, Road, Port.

Power Generation Plant

: Erection of Thermal Power Plant, Gas Turbine Power Plant (CCPP & SCP), Steam Turbine, HRSG and Associated piping, Renewable Green Energy Power Plant (Solar, CSP, Wind, Waste, Hydro, Bio and etc.), Test & Pre-commissioning, BOP, Operation and maintenance.

Electrical Transmission Line and Substation

: High voltage electrical construction including transmission and distribution line, substation erection, test & commissioning, underground power and communication cable, communication tower and fiber optics cable installations.

Refinery, Gas Processing and Petrochemical Plant

: Mechanical Erection & Associated piping, Field piping, Steel Structure work, Electrical and I&C works including DCS

Water Treatment and Pump Stations

: Electro-Mechanical Erection works and Associated piping, I&C, Test & Commissioning

Railway Road Construction

: Project Design and Construction fields in plateau railways, high-speed railways, highways, bridges, tunnels and urban rail traffic.

Industrial Plant

: Mechanical, Electrical and I & C work, commissioning and start-up.

Commercial building

: Electrical & Communication work for Super tower buildings, hotels and hospitals.


: Chemical cleaning, Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance for Thermal plant & Nuclear Power Plant.